Hamilton Mayor responds to endorsements for campaign rival

Here at home, Mayor Fred Eisenberger was busy at his campaign headquarters.Just over a week to go before we head to the polls. Eisenberger saying he’s been pleased with the support from the community.Today, he reacted to Flamborough Councillor Robert Pasuta’s endorsement of Vito Sgro in his bid to replace Eisenberger as Mayor.Yesterday Pasuta said: “I’m looking for a mayor that will support the rural and agriculture way of life and recognize that the rural area is unique”Sgro responded by issuing a statement saying: “I have always said the only endorsement I need is the one from voters, however, when someone as respected and admired as Councillor Pasuta wants to offer his support, I will gladly accept.”He says for those concerned about urban sprawl, the goal of the LRT project is to improve infrastructure taking the pressure off agricultural lands and protecting area green spaces.