“One told me ‘son of a bitch’, I give you my mouth if you leave”

first_imgeleven The declarations of the players of Sporting of Portugal continue. The trial after the aggressions suffered by the squad by the ultras of the team is still being held and after players have testified as Bruno Fernandes, this time it was the turn of Rui Patricio, now goalkeeper of Wolverhampton. The goalkeeper explained what happened when they saw the fans arrive, how they were threatened and attacked and confessed that he recognized one of those people: “I was at the spa when they shouted in. Vasco Fernandes tried to reach the door but did not succeed. They came with their faces covered. Then they began to attack us. They entered aggressively. The first one they took was kicked, I don’t remember who it was. They went to attack William and I went to separate them and calm them down. Then about four got together to throw the shirt and tell us we were a shame. One told me: “Son of a bitch, if you leave, I will leave your mouth.” They said many things. It was a tense moment. They started to grab my chest to pull me by the shirt: “Sons of a bitch, we’re going to kill you,” I heard when they came from the hallway. They came with everything. I don’t know if they came to kill us. I saw that Dost was given points and Jesus was bleeding from his mouth and nose. I saw some with their faces discovered outside. At first glance I recognized Fernando Mendes, who was with someone. Outside I saw William talking to him. “center_img Finally, he talked about the meetings they had with the president, whom he accuses of not supporting them: “There were two. There were messages from the president criticizing the players and the team and that’s why we asked for a meeting. We arrived in Lisbon on Friday and the president He said it would be after the next game. We decided to make a statement as well. Players, André Geraldes and the president. It took place in a very bad environment. Bruno de Carvalho said he had nothing to do as soon as he was president and did what he wanted. He told William and me that we did it because we wanted to leave. “last_img