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Md. on Feb 26 2015 Mark Peterson—Redux for TIME 1 of 22 Advertisement But changes in campaign finance and an unusually strong field threaten to throw that precedent out the window Now many party strategists expect four to six candidates to emerge as a top tier from the four early states of Iowa New Hampshire Nevada and South Carolina With roughly the same delegate support and momentum they expect that the proportional contests in early Marchwhen a front-runner usually emergesmay not be decisive On March 1 for instance more than 600 delegates are set to be awarded "Lots of people will be able to claim victory that day" said one top advisor to a Republican candidate Meanwhile the rest of field may be in no hurry to go anywhere The explosion of mega-donors writing significant checks to candidates and their super PACs has mitigated the historical impetus for dropping out while the lessons of the up-and-down 2012 primary have incentivized staying in the race even when the odds turns slim "This could actually be a convention that matters for the first time since 1964" says Saul Anuzis the Michigan state chairman for Sen Ted Cruzs presidential bid and a former RNC member who backed the rules changes "I still dont think most of the campaigns have an infrastructure in place to deal with it" Not all strategists blame the predictions of a messy nomination process on the new rules Michael Shields the former RNC chief of staff told TIME he believes the deciding factor in stretching out the primary in 2016 is likely to be the number of candidates who can raise money "It would have been longer without the reform" he said To be sure all the prognosticating could also be wronga single candidate could build enough momentum in the early states to run away with the nomination in weeks But with a field of more than a dozen candidates that appears at the moment to be unlikely Some campaigns are only just coming to the realization that this contest will be far different from the last having spent the past months focused on the early states "Those who have started to think it through recognize its going to be a long chase for delegates" said a veteran GOP strategist Anuzis said Cruz is planning for the long haul and is already eyeing favorable congressional districts in Californiawhich will go to the polls on June 7 2016 and awards its delegates to the winners in each congressional district Wisconsin Gov Scott Walkers campaign has hired Jon Waclawski a veteran of the RNC counsels office who was involved in drafting the rules after the 2012 campaign as its counsel and chief delegate counter People close to former Florida Gov Jeb Bush’s campaign said his team is drawing up plans to deal with what they expect to be a painstaking fight for delegates "This changes the way you have to run your entire campaign" says one candidate aide "You really do have to target racking up local endorsements for instance Those people are going to be important when youre competing on a congressional district by congressional district basis" Former Arkansas Gov Mike Huckabee’s advisers see the proportional contests in early March and the potential for a drawn out delegate fight working to their advantage Former Pennsylvania Sen Rick Santorum told reporters Thursday that he is broadly supportive of the rules changes but is worried about the compressed calendar "and it becomes just a money issue and not an issue of momentum" What remains to be seen is whether this intensified primary process will be a benefit or liability to the eventual nominee in the general election The knockdown drag-out 2008 Democratic contest is viewed as having ultimately helped Obama who emerged tested with a network of support outside of the early primary states For months after winning the nomination Republican presumptive nominee Sen John McCain could hardly gain notice from the media “Will there be some broken glass will there be some negative attacks sure" Shields acknowledged "But I do believe this process like the Obama-Hillary one will leave our nominee stronger" Others are less sanguine fearing the compressed timeframe could result in a more weakened nominee battered by months of attacks from candidates and super PACs "Its pretty different when its a two person extended race opposed to a multi-person raceand in 2008 you didnt have super PACs playing the role that they did and they generally tend to go negative" said another longtime GOP operative With reporting by Philip Elliott/Little Rock Ark Write to Zeke J Miller at [email protected] Blackhawks forward Andrew Shaw has been suspended one game following an incident where he shouted a homophobic slur at a referee The National Hockey League announced Wednesday that they are suspending Shaw for Game 5 of Chicago’s first round series against the St Louis Blues Shaw apologized earlier Wednesday after making the remark Tuesday “While Mr Shaw was apologetic and remorseful for both the offensive comments and the inappropriate gesture directed at the on-ice officials he must be held accountable for his actions” the league’s Colin Campbell said in a statement “The emotion of the moment cannot and will not be a mitigating factor for the conduct that is expected of an NHL player” Along with watching his team face a potential playoff elimination Shaw has been fined $5000 and will be required to undergo sensitivity training Contact us at [email protected] statue of a controversial Supreme Court Justice who declared that slaves were not US citizens will be removed from the grounds of a City Hall in Maryland where it has been standing for about 90 years officials said Thursday The bust of the late Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney will be relocated on Saturday from in front of Fredericks City Hall to a nearby cemetery the city said in a statement Taney ruled more than a century ago that black people who were either slaves or who had ancestors who were slaves were not American citizens and had no standing to sue in federal court The chief justices landmark 1857 ruling against Dred Scott a slave who tried suing for his freedom became a catalyst for the Civil War before it was later overturned Lynne Jackson Scotts great-great granddaughter who earlier this month received a public apology from Taneys descendants said she had hoped the statue would remain in front of City Hall to serve as a learning opportunity for those who are not familiar with the monumental Supreme Court case "I just feel that its unfortunate and a missed opportunity" she told TIME on Thursday "It would have been a reconciliation and a healing place Unfortunately that wont happen now there" Taneys bust was first erected in front of the citys courthouse which later turned into its City Hall as early as the 1930s a city spokeswoman said Pending approval from the citys Historic Preservation Commission it will be restored before being permanently placed at Mount Olivet Cemetery "Thats where the learning will have to happen" Jackson said Contact us at [email protected] the wakes of ocean ships brighter could cool the Earth by 05°C and help combat global warming according to a new modeling study Other geoengineering studies have examined how greenhouse gas warming could be counteracted by making Earth’s atmosphere more reflective But this is one of the first to look at using the bright bubbly wakes of cargo ships as they crisscross the world’s oceans Natural foaming agents in the sea—chemicals often derived from phytoplankton—help create bright white microbubbles in ship wakes that persist for about 10 minutes Now climate scientists say that designer foaming agents could create even brighter wakes that last much longer If these supercharged wakes were 10 times brighter and lasted 10 days instead of 10 minutes they would cover 55% of the world’s oceans and cool the planet by 05°C by the year 2069 the researchers write in a 28 January publication of the Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres That’s enough to partially restore Arctic ice loss and offset the 2°C warming that could occur by then Because most ship traffic is in the Northern Hemisphere most of the cooling would be felt there where it would be accompanied by a drop in precipitation But the researchers acknowledge many uncertainties in the scheme The foaming agent could interfere with ocean ecologies or inhibit the uptake of carbon dioxide by the ocean—effectively negating one of the major ways that the world’s oceans fight global warming naturally But the idea is not completely crazy The shipping industry is already experimenting with microbubbles applied to the underside of ship hulls to reduce friction and improve fuel efficiency And global shipping traffic has increased fourfold since 1990—meaning that the ocean area available to reflect away heat is only expected to grow The idea was that a compressed timetable would favor better-funded candidates.

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