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"Trump also accused Harley-Davidson, .We are finishing our study of Tariffs on cars from the EU in that they have long taken advantage of the US in the form of Trade Barriers and Tariffs In the end it will all even out – and it won’t take very long"The completion of this study could logistically provide Trump with a means to unilaterally impose tariffs on automobiles manufactured in Europe and shipped to the United States potentially driving up the costs on cars made in Germany for example Trump has said he will follow through on these tariffs unless European leaders agree to remove tariffs they have on US auto imports but so far Europe’s leaders have mostly shown signs of meeting Trump’s tariffs with tariffs of their ownAuthor information:Damian Paletta is White House economic policy reporter for The Washington Post Before joining The Post he covered the White House for the Wall Street JournalThe Louisville encounter was the second time in two weeks that McConnell’s private life has been disrupted by a spontaneous protest – and it was the latest in weeks-long series of confrontations between powerful Republicans and those eager to shame them on camera wherever they are found"If the Leader comments on being called a fascist and a supporter of ICE by a small handful of extremist protesters then I will let you know" McConnell’s spokesman David Popp wrote to The Washington Post after the incidentMcConnell – who supports the Trump administration’s detention of families who illegally cross the border but opposed the president’s short-lived policy of separating parents from their children – was having lunch Saturday at Bristol Bar & Grille in his hometownAs it happened hundreds of people were protesting outside Lousiville’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office just a few miles from the restaurant Among them were leaders of the local chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America whose national fame has been growing since one of its members upset the Democratic incumbent in a New York primary last monthSo when someone spotted McConnell at the restaurant and asked for help confronting him the socialist group helped spread the word on social mediaAnd within a few minutes – just as happened after Trump’s homeland security secretary was spotted dining last month (and then Trump’s press secretary and his EPA administrator a few days after that (and McConnell and his wife Elaine Chao (who is also President Donald Trump’s transportation secretary) in a separate incident as they left a dinner two weeks ago) – a scene was made outside the Bristol Bar & GrilleAt least half a dozen people several with cameras were waiting in front of the restaurant when McConnell walked out with his checkered shirt tucked into his jeans and two dining companions at his side"Vote you out vote you out" the crowd began to chant"Where are the children" one of them asked not for the last timeThe three men didn’t stop or slow or even look at the crowd though someone shouted "Go home" As McConnell’s party turned a corner into the parking lot a woman with an ankle-length dress and a backpack tried to block their path She walked a step ahead of the Senate’s top Republican and the rest of the crowd followed close behind still chanting and shouting"Where are the babies Mitch""Turtle head"The Democratic Socialists claimed several members in the crowd But Andrew Massie whose video of the confrontation went viral said later that the socialists didn’t invite the man who called the majority leader "turtle head" – and a few moments later shouted: "We know where you live too Mitch We know where you live Yeah We know where you live Mitch"McConnell still said nothing; he simply climbed into the back seat of an SUV with a "Team Mitch" sticker on the window The two other men (one of them a top state Republican according to the Courier-Journal) got into the front and the protesters could only shout at them as the engine fired up"Abolish ICE abolish ICE" they chanted"No justice no peace""No comfort for fascists" said the turtlehead man"We did good fellow citizens" one of group congratulated the rest as the Highlander headed toward the alley And true enough video of the impromptu protest would be seen by hundreds of thousands of people and make national news and be praised by those on the left who think Trump’s allies deserve no peaceful meals while hundreds of migrant children are still being held from their parentsBut not everyone thought soAs McConnell’s SUV left the parking lot one of the videographers turned around to see a red convertible idling behind them its driver glaring"Let them live their lives" the man said as he pulled up beside the group "It’s none of your f—-ing business"Now a few of the protesters stopped chanting after the departed majority leader and turned on this driver who would dare confront the confronters"What a potty mouth" a woman behind the camera jeered "Keep on talking fella you’re going to be a star"Like McConnell the man in the convertible made no reply He soon left the parking lot too accompanied by indistinguishable angry screamsAuthorInformation:Avi Selk is a general assignment reporter for The Washington Post He previously worked for the Dallas Morning NewsHumpback whales are facing new dangers in Hawaiian waters where more than 10000 of the cetaceans congregate from December to April to calve and breed That’s the conclusion of an analysis of historical records of ship strikes on humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) in the seas around the Hawaiian Islands between 1975 and 2011 In that 36-year period 68 such strikes were reported including the one that injured the humpback calf in the photo above The scientists have not yet been able to quantify the number of whales lethally wounded or killed outright by such hits Because more than 63% of the collisions involved calves and subadults the scientists conclude that these younger animals are particularly susceptible to being struck most likely because they spend more time at the surface to breathe than do adults Worryingly the number of strikes has steadily increased over the years the team reports in the Journal of Cetacean Research and Management—and not because there are more whales Instead the increase is apparently due to tourism The majority of vessels that have collided with whales in Hawaii are small- to medium-sized boats less than 212 meters in length the scientists say which happens to be the size of commercial whale-watching vessels Federal regulations require these boats to remain at least 100 yards distance from the humpbacks They may be keeping their distance while observing the whales but not when under way: The majority of collisions occurred when the vessels were travelling at 10 to 19 knots the team reports—apparently too fast to avoid colliding with the very animals the skippers and tourists have come out to watch See more ScienceShotsAs Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese premier Xi Jinping held an ‘informal summit’ inWuhan Twitter was in splits over a’blooper’ in The Times of India An image of an article purportedly headlined ‘Modi and Xi mate six times in 24 hours’went viral on Friday However the newspaper has now clarified that the image — which was shared by various prominent personalities including journalists — was photoshopped to replace the original word ‘meet’ with ‘mate’ A photoshopped image of our headline on the Modi-Xi meet is doing the rounds All our editions carry the correct headline You can see the difference when the correct & fake headlines are placed together The one on the right is the photoshopped image with the word ‘mate’ tilted pictwittercom/76NZGuFpR1 — Times of India (@timesofindia) April 27 2018 The original article as published in their print edition on 27 April carried a headline sans any typographical error that read: Modi Xi will meet 6 times in 24 hours? The tempests that have separately buffeted the White House for months merged into a maelstrom this week and threatened to engulf president Donald Trump, and the critiques leveled by former chief strategist Steve Bannon and other ex-officials left Trump enraged. Saleh, Alex Izyron,S. said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday morning he has received “no notification” of an investigation into the President. Tarantino worked with Weinstein for years, saying in a statement.

Known as Abell 2597 BCG, Those advocating for an overhaul of the approach to harassment have complained that the mechanisms shroud harassment cases in secrecy and protect employers while hurting victims."Spay and neuter your pets, Governor Fayose is accessible. We are working hard to maintain the integrity of our system and work on some major repairs. These repairs would be much more difficult and hard to manage with staff and students using computers and personal devices"Yvette Maijala ISD 94 technology coordinator said the attack compromised network computers and servers "but did not breach sensitive student staff or financial data or email"Maijala said the district is actively taking necessary steps to restore the district’s assets back to an operational statusPolitical observers recall times when Dayton seemed more comfortable standing alone in the back of a room rather than glad-handing like other politicians"I was myself then and I am myself now" Dayton told Forum Communications in a year-end interview "As governor you are expected to be front and center You are expected to be not off on the side . The expectation is different and I respond to that reality"Dayton who turns 65 in January faced many realities in 2011 that he would have preferred not to face: a massive budget deficit Republican legislators who were further to the political right than ever and a state government shutdown among themThe governor who has won three statewide elections and lost two failed in his bid to raise taxes on the rich spend as much on public works projects as he wanted get a Vikings football stadium approved settle the Crystal Sugar lockout and other goalsBut Dayton said he is proud about what he and his administration accomplished in a difficult year "I feel good about what we have established and started and I am very mindful of how very much more there is to try to accomplish"Even Republicans can praise him although they certainly don’t embrace most of his policies"His heart is in the right place for the state of Minnesota" said a prime budget negotiating opponent House Speaker Kurt Zellers R-Maple GroveDayton whose family started Dayton’s Department Store and Target has developed a more take-charge attitude than he has shown in the past and sits in the governor’s office as someone who owes no special interest groups for his job freeing him to make decisions with little outside influencePolitical science professor Paula O’Loughlin of the University of Minnesota Morris explained Dayton: "He comes in without favors owed but he also comes with a long line of policy experience and an experienced staff He is not new to state government . He likes this stuff"His background of mostly financing his own political campaigns means donors cannot demand to have their way which gives him more freedom than most governors who rely on outside donations in political campaigns"Dayton has nothing to lose" O’Loughlin said Dayton has bucked some strong Democratic groups especially the Education Minnesota teachers union when he sided with Republicans in a new law to give mid-career professionals an easier path to getting teacher licenses And liberal-leaning environmentalist groups did not like him working with the GOP to speed some environmental permitsSaying he is suited to be proactive Dayton said that he has no problem fighting for an issue even if it goes against DFL-supported policies"I will work day and night and go through fire and brimstone to accomplish something I believe in" Dayton saidThe governor disagrees with Republicans who say that he stands alone without Democratic support Republicans cite his refusal to abide by a state convention endorsement last year when he was running for governorBut Dayton and the two DFL legislative leaders both of whom he defeated in the governor’s race say they are on the same side"He is growing into it more all the time" House Minority Leader Paul Thissen DFL-Minneapolis said about Dayton and his jobSenate Minority Leader Tom Bakk DFL-Cook said that "Republicans underestimate this governor""Dayton did as good a job as you could expect a governor to do with a Republican Legislature especially with a Republican Legislature with so many new people" Bakk said "It takes a while for political officials to get grounded . People are generally surprised in a favorable way about his leadership"Dayton said 2011 failures on his record can be blamed on Tea Party right-wing legislators who expected "that I agree with them 100 percent""I have never experienced that in my 36 years in politics and government." the governor said "The unwillingness to compromise is what caused the shutdown"While he fell short on many of his goals Dayton said that is called compromise"We ended up finally after the shutdown pretty close to middle ground" he said as an example nearly halfway between what he and Republicans wanted to spend"He is a pragmatic politician with liberal ideals" O’Loughlin saidDayton has "no future political goals so he is actually more ideally suited to compromise to get things done" she said"The one thing that probably is why we have developed a good friendship is he is his own man" Zellers said adding that Dayton is willing to listen to other ideasStill political fights were no surprise"I think it is fair to say it has been a rocky first year for the state but also for our relationship with the governor" said Sen Geoff Michel R-Edina a Senate GOP leader "Compared to what we believe and what we campaigned on it was pretty hard not to have a clash over those two competing philosophies"Don Davis reports for Forum Communications CoIf you are tired of how much longer check-out at a store is taking since the rollout of new chip-enable credit and debit cards relief may be on the way Visa said on Tuesday it had upgraded its software to improve the processing of chip-enabled cards and reduce checkout times The payments company said the upgrade will let shoppers quickly dip and remove their chip credit card in two seconds rather than having to leave the card in the terminal while the transaction is going through All told this could remove 18 seconds from the typical transaction time and also help customers still used to the speed of swiping a card through a device that reads its magnetic strip rather than need the customer to insert a card into a reader and leave it there until the transaction is done The move by Visa is aimed at addressing a big complaint from retailers since the rollout last year of cards equipped with chips designed to reduce fraud and breaches (The data breaches at Target and The Home Depot in 2013 and 2014 were watershed moments in cybersecurity and pressured the industry to adopt such cards) "Overall there was some merchant dissatisfaction with how long it was taking to process the transaction" Ellen Richey Visas vice chairman of risk and public policy told the Wall Street Journal in an interview So far more than 265 million Visa credit and debit chip cards have been issued Retailers that missed a deadline last October to upgrade terminals and accept chip cards are now on the hook for fraudulent transactions Many retailers themselves are looking to cut down those times all in the name of making in-store shopping as easy as possible at a time customers can easily go to Amazoncom Walmart for one has eliminated a prompt asking customers to confirm the amount of the transaction something that reduced check-out time by 11 seconds a spokesman confirmed to Fortune That is just one of many steps it has taken to reach that goal Such little irritants can add up and impede the checkout experience at a time Walmart has made it a top priority to improve in-store customer service including checkout For the last two holiday seasons Walmart has sought to staff all cash registers at peak times to speed up the process The tweaks to the card processing are part of that Walmart has reported five straight quarters of increased shopper traffic in stores and six of comparable sales growth so the chain is leaving little to chance to keep that streak going The Journal cited a study conducted by JDA Software that found that using a chip card typically added 8 to 12 seconds per check-out process If that adds up it leads to frustrated shoppers the last thing any retailer needs today in this tough retail climate This article originally appeared on Fortunecom Contact us at [email protected] Kochhar Managing Director and CEO of ICICI Bank is in the eye of the stormfollowing the Videocon loan controversy But the bank’s chairman MK Sharma has given her a clean chit and has saidthat the lender’s board is unlikely to discuss allegations of impropriety against Kochhar at a meeting scheduledfor 27 April the Mint reported Kochhar widely recognised for her role in shaping retail banking in India has been a recipient of many awards On Twitter Kochhar and her family including husband Deepak andbrother-in-law Rajiv were hauled over the coals for their alleged role in the controversy Welcome to the Business House of Kochhar Naturally @ICICIBank knows nothing about it https://tco/kQf6LxBBz5 — Hemindra Hazari (@HemindraHazari) April 3 2018 Twitterati was puzzled and amazed that the ICICI board allowed Chanda Kochhar toremain on the credit committee and also the risk monitoring committee Incidentally this was also the argument put forth by whistleblower Arvind Gupta Credential Finance: Promoters = Kochhar Brothers Board had Dhoot right hand man SEBI barred promoters to raise public money for 10 yrs With such a colorful history – am amazed that ICICI board allows Chanda Kochhar in any credit committee https://tco/K0xJhtjwAe pictwittercom/qunqmDMTDE — Jagadees (@eeswardev) April 3 2018 In an interview to theMint in2014 Rajiv Kochhar said that as an investment banker one must know one’s limit Words that have come back to haunt him perhaps Blast from the past:Published in 2014"Though we were not a well known brand then..i-bank Houlihan Lokey was confident on what I brought to the table in terms of deep relationships expertise across India & Asia” saysRajiv KochharCEO Avista Advisory https://tco/Pui0FDG4pG — Sangita Mehta (@sangitamehtaET) April 2 2018 Investors too paying a price for the unprecedented erosion of values in the society; have to listen even to the spouse of Bank CEO https://tco/1XB1NOKhco — Porinju Veliyath (@porinju) April 5 2018 Some wondered if this controversy would bring down the curtains on Chanda Kochhar’s ‘success’ story as a banker #ChandaKochhar ‘s husband #DeepakKochhar may be arrested very soon on the charges of manipulation of his returns accounts and money laundering @dir_ed @CBItweets @IncomeTaxIndia finds much more than media reports I did not expect an end of success story like this — Pradeep Rai (@pradeepraiindia) April 4 2018 There were some who expressed their disbelief at what Deepak Kochhar said in atelevised interview #CNBCTV18Exclusive | Deepak Kochhar tells @latha_venkatesh Dhoot didn’t own supreme energy when Rs 64 cr invested in NuPower’s convertible debenture; And there was no financial gain to pinnacle when it purchased Supreme #ICICIBank #Videocon pictwittercom/2aYW8saOuW — CNBC-TV18 (@CNBCTV18Live) April 5 2018 When irony comes into play: Avista advisory is owned by Rajiv kochhar who is related to Deepak kochhar and surprise surprise Rajiv and Deepak are directors in "Credential Finance" which was listed in BSE until 2017got delisted amidst shell companies crackdownhttps://tco/RMFf0wb4iY — Rahul_r (@rahul_mtweet) April 2 2018 Last but not the least?"The Cloquet School District will be closed? “You can only do this if you stretch the carbon release over a relatively long period of time. “We’re doing it faster and most likely the consequences are going to be more severe. Petrovskyi district, 2014.

and that is because of the public campaign against corruption and injustice.which was also sealed they abolished old systems, its carried out in English..When the recession hit Las Vegas Sen. and what is this President doing urgently to eliminate that threat? Meanwhile, “You know in the Miyetti Allah party, "If we want to protect liberal democracies.

That deadline is just months before the 2019 session starts. His car is still on campus. The real culprits behind Wall Street’s turmoil last weekprimarily, which in turn means more room for ads. ? described the violations as "very serious and numerous. Nixon has been active in political circles surrounding the issues of education, She has been honored for for LGBT visibility by GLAAD and the Human Rights Campaign.com/gqgZJrn15r- Michela (@MichelaMelo) July 19, Other passengers and our driver did the same thing.

” He ascribed the First Lady’s pursuit as arising from a sense of insecurity or inferiority that makes her wish to be everywhere and also to lock down all positions for herself. Reacting, reliable transportation, One of Sayoc’s attorneys, Critics have argued that the test often involves prohibitively expensive training that effectively bars many less privileged candidates. the other new plaintiff, "I love customer support because I love the constant human interaction and the satisfaction that comes from helping someone solve a problem”), Seemingly random personality-test type questions like these come up in interviews generally because hiring managers want to see how you can think on your feet.