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Tanimowo Babajide, Orrin Hatch, the actor who recently starred in Confirmation cancelled his scheduled commencement adress at the Newark campus of Rutgers University on Wednesday. state, Once the data is in the hands of fire responders, Also,-wide high-level meetings and studiesbegan in earnest after the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris in Jan. 2015 which killed 17 people They were hugely ramped up after November’s Paris attacks which killed 130 people Scenes From the Aftermath of the Brussels Attacks In this photo provided by Georgian Public Broadcaster and photographed by Ketevan Kardava two women are wounded in Brussels Airport in Belgium after explosions were heard on March 22 2016 Ketevan Kardava—Georgian Public Broadcaster/AP An injured man lies at the scene of explosions at Zaventem airport near Brussels Belgium on March 22 2016 Ketevan Kardava—Georgian Public Broadcaster/Reuters A soldier is seen at Zaventem Airport after a blast occurred in Brussels Belgium March 22 2016 Jef Versele—Handout/Reuters This image provided by the Belgian Federal Police in Brussels on Tuesday March 22 2016 shows men who are suspected of taking part in the attacks at Belgium’s Zaventem Airport The man at right is still being sought by the police and two others in the photo that the police issued were according to a the Belgian Prosecutors ‘probably’ suicide bombers Belgian Federal Police/AP Passengers and airport staff are evacuated from the terminal building after explosions at Brussels Airport in Zaventem near Brussels Belgium on March 22 2016 Laurent Dubrule—EPA A victim receives first aid by rescuers on March 22 2016 near Maelbeek metro station in Brussels after a blast at this station near the EU institutions caused deaths and injuries Emmanuel Dunand—AFP/Getty Images People react outside Brussels airport after explosions rocked the facility in Brussels Belgium on March 22 2016 Geert Vanden Wijngaert—AP A private security guard helps a wounded women outside the Maalbeek metro station after a blast at this station located near the EU institutions in Brussels on March 21 2016 Michael Villa—AFP/Getty Images Passengers are evacuated to safe zone at the Maelbeek railway station in Brussels Belgium on March 22 2016 Han Shuang—Xinhua/Alamy Live News 1 of 9 Advertisement In a report late December Europol the organization representing the EU’s police services warned that ISIS had created “an external actions command” specifically geared to attacking Europe “and France in particular” In a prescient warning given the Brussels attacks the report said that “this could mean that more attacks such as those that took place in Paris in November are currently being planned and prepared” In an interview in January the EU’s counter-terrorism coordinator Gilles de Kerchove who is Belgian told TIME that ISIS had created a unit in its self-proclaimed capital of Raqqa Syria specifically to plan attacks in Europe Investigators have focused their attention on about 5000 European citizens who have left to fight with jihadist groups in Syria and Iraq since 2012 according to officials In Belgium alone officials say at least 470 citizens have gone to fight with those groups of which about 130 they believe have filtered back into Europesome with instructions to attack targets back home One big challenge in averting further terror attacks is the easy passport-free travel EU citizens enjoy across most of the 28 member countries with almost no identity checks at borders That borderless travela fundamental tenet of the EUallowed several of the Paris attackers to move freely back from training bases in Syria and then to travel around Europe as they gathered weapons rented safe houses and planned the November attacks according to officials And yet there is an almost opposite problem too Despite the terror threats in Europe intelligence experts and officials say the EU’s individual 28 countries are still loath to share their information about suspects and potential threats having each spent decades creating separate national intelligence agencies “Even as far back as 9/11 Europol said Europe needed improved intelligence sharing” Yan St-Pierre CEO and counter-terrorist advisor for Modern Security Consulting Group in Berlin said by phone on Tuesday “Everybody says it but it never becomes effective until it is too late” he says “The culture for sharing is still not far enough to make it efficient” In early December the EU CommissionEurope’s governing body in Brusselsissued a directive requiring the 28 countries to share the Passenger Name Record or PNR of those traveling around Europe and to retain passenger informationa proposal EU officials had mulled since 2011 After the Paris attacks officials said PNR sharing was a key measure in safeguarding airplanes and trains against terrorism Nearly four months later the idea is no closer to reality however Europe’s Court for Human Rights has ruled that the measure would violate passengers’ privacy while several countries have voiced similar concerns “There are delays and it has not been voted on” St-Pierre says “The delays are both the court order and politics” Contact us at [email protected] Trump’s reversal on a pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee could have consequences Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus said Sunday In appearances on all five Sunday news shows Priebus sought to reassure Republicans that the party is preparing for the likelihood of a contested convention while rebutting criticism of the arcane delegate selection rules leveled by the front-runner Trump has called the system “unfair” and has said he should be awarded the nomination even if he falls short of the 1237 delegatesa majorityrequired to win the nomination at the party’s convention in Cleveland in July Responding to Trump’s decision to abandon his loyalty pledge on ABC’s This Week Priebus said the decision could deepen Trump’s delegate troubles “Those kinds of comments I think have consequences” Priebus said ” And so when you make those kinds of comments and you want people to fall in line for you it makes it more difficult” “If you were running for president of the Kiwanis Club or the Boy Scouts and you said you dont know if you like the Kiwanis or the Boy Scouts I think that makes your challenge even greater to ultimately win those kinds of posts” he added “Its not different for the Republican Party” “We expect that when candidates make commitments to the principles and values of our party that they would keep it” Priebus continued saying he hopes that Trump was simply “posturing” for the media Priebus’ comments come days after a surprise meeting with Trump at the party’s Washington headquarters in which the chairman was critical of Trump’s campaign team for failing to understand the intricacies of the party’s delegate rules The RNC has also stepped up its efforts to educate party leaders and rank-and-file voters about long-overlooked process issues that will ultimately decide who wins the nomination Priebus also suggested that Trump’s comments could imperil his access to the party’s databases While about 95% of delegates are bound on the first ballot most are unbound by the second and nearly all are freed to vote for any candidate on a potential third vote Trump’s rivals have been working aggressively to infiltrate the ranks of pledged Trump delegates with individuals who will abandon him on subsequent votesmost recently in Tennessee where the delegate slate includes pledged Trump delegates would are not true Trump backers Trump’s decision to abandon the loyal pledge could open his grip on South Carolina’s 50 delegates to a challenge as that state had a separate loyalty pledge for candidates to gain access to the primary ballot Write to Zeke J Miller at [email protected]’s headquarters in central Brussels. The H3N2 strain of the Influenza virus has been sweeping across Britain for the past few weeks and leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

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