Prepared by WFWP Ghana On August 17 2017 Womens

first_imgPrepared by WFWP GhanaOn August 17, 2017, Women’s Federation –Ghana was invited to give a talk in  prayer camp at Kasoa. The ‘’Aginkwan Prayer Camp is headed by a prophetess.When, our team of nine (seven sisters and two brothers) arrived at the centre that morning. Our team were made to join the singing, prayer and dancing sessions before we could be allowed to have the floor to talk. Ninety- four adults (94) and around twenty children were assembled.Pastor Wise of FFWPU-Ghana did the translation into the local language. Mrs. Marthe Whyte gave the talk on the theme’’ the family is the school of love and peace’’.The audience, mostly women, paid attention to all the points mentioned during the presentation. At the end, although they were happy about the content of the talk, they did not ask questions due to the time that was already advanced. The prophetess’s pastor promised to gather the youth of their church for a future program of Education.last_img