February 3 2007 The first workshop arrives thi

first_imgFebruary 3, 2007 The first workshop arrives this Sunday and Habitat meets to discuss work activities for the coming season. Habitat encompasses the construction crews, utilities, agriculture, landscaping and maintenance, and metalshop. [from left] Construction and utilities manager Scott Reily, agriculture coordinators Sarah Beth Kurzhals and Ben Powell, facilities and maintenance manager Randall Schultz. [Photo & text: sa] Throughout the workshop season, a habitat meeting is usually scheduled every two weeks. The purpose of this meeting is to make everyone aware of activities in each department and to set priorities for each work crew. Workshop participants attend these meetings to get a better understanding of overall activities. [Photo & text: sa] Scott Reily heads all parts of the construction of Phase 5 of the East Crescent complex. He is also responsible for utilities site-wide. Scott leads the discussion of upcoming action items. For construction this means a panel lift, this coming Monday, of the remaining two wall panels for the new wall behind the Crafts III building. We will report on this on 2/5/07. [Photo & text: sa]last_img