Bungie to tweet Destiny beta codes all this week

first_imgBungie is set to open beta access to Destiny in early 2014. Gaining access to that beta requires you to pre-order the game and then follow the instructions to reserve your spot. However, this week there’s another way to gain access, and it doesn’t require a pre-order.Bungie has tweeted using the official Destiny The Game Twitter account, that all this week they will be randomly sending out beta codes for the game. Each day, tweets will appear at random from that account containing a valid code. To use it you just need to be quicker than anyone else at copy-pasting it into the sign-up page.In order to make the process of entering the code as fast as possible, you need to visit the Bungie code redemption page and join ASAP. This will take at least several minutes to complete as your newly created profile has to be verified, which will include waiting for an email with a verification link in it I’d imagine. Once that’s done you should be able to login and remained logged in for when those all important codes start appearing. Then it’s just going to be a case of who is fastest with their mouse and CTRL-C, CTRL-V actions.Bungie has been accepting beta requests since March of this year, but signing up just put your name into a hat from which the developer selected a lucky few participants. The player count is going to ramp up quickly as we head into next year, though.Is Destiny for you? It’s described as an open world shooter with gameplay footage showing a heavy emphasis on playing with friends. So it’s almost like an MMO FPS.last_img