Make Your Own Watch Dogs Legion Music With Ubisoft and JGLs New

first_imgStay on target Hands-On: ‘Ghost Recon: Breakpoint’ Has Something for EverybodyHere’s the Heartwarming Reason Why ‘Just Dance’ Is Still on Wii Last year Ubisoft tried to convince us that the long-awaited Beyond Good and Evil 2 will in fact be an actual video game and not Michel Ancel’s shared delusion fever dream. We got a splashy new CGI trailer promising large-scale space battles, cursing monkey men, and early gameplay that looks like it won’t be possible until the next generation of consoles. However, we also got the weird news that Ubisoft is partnering with actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his sketchy art collaboration/grift website HitRecord to crowdsource various assets for the game.Beyond Good and Evil 2 still doesn’t exist. But rather than just twiddle their thumbs, Ubisoft is keeping this JGL partnership going for a game that’s coming out in just a few months. Through HitRecord, you can write your own music for Watch Dogs Legion.In Watch Dogs Legion players control members of hacker collective DedSec in a hellish future London that basically already exists right now. Instead of controlling a single hero, the game’s whole gimmick is recruiting an endless amount of NPCs to command and using their unique skills. Sneak around as a retired secret agent or wreck shop as an anarchist grandma.With so many characters, we can understand why the development team must be pretty busy. So with HitRecord, they’re crowdsourcing the music to fans. Through the website you can contribute melodies and lyrics in the various genres the game is looking for. And thankfully the payment structure is much clearer this time. Watch Dogs Legion won’t launch until next March. But next January anyone whose contributions made it into the final game will receive up to $2,000 based on how much work was ultimately used.So if you want to participate in something as dystopian as “multi-million dollar cyberpunk video game asks fan community to make the music” and get paid for it, start cranking out some tunes for Watch Dogs Legion. Maybe next time we can pick the next celebrity in Cyberpunk 2077, although we still would’ve gone with Keanu Reeves.last_img