Viscera Cleanup Detail casts you as a space janitor cleaning up after

first_imgSpace marines are the relative norm in shooters nowadays, and the cramped, inescapable quarters of space stations and ships are a popular environment. You’ve likely shot many an alien or opposing human in some digital space station by this point in your life, but do you ever wonder what happens to that alien’s guts that you blasted all over the space station’s spotless cafeteria? A new indie game, Viscera Cleanup Detail, answers that curiosity, and makes you rectify the mess you created.A lone hero miraculously survives an alien invasion, fighting back in an epic rebellion to single-handedly defeat the alien force, saving humanity. The game casts you as a janitor of the science facility where the fight for humanity was won, and you have to clean up the resulting mess of guts and blood. It’s still a perfectly useful science facility, after all — it’s just kind of a mess.Built with the Unreal Development Kit, by developer Runestorm, the game literally has you casually walk around a science facility with a space mop and bucket, cleaning up blood spatter and guts. Like with a real mop, you have to go wash it off in a bucket every now and then, or else you’re not cleaning up the blood, but just pushing it around. As for the empty shells of bullets that helped save humanity, you’ll have to put on some sanitary gloves and pick those up off the floor — someone could trip on them, maybe.Currently, the game is trying to go through the sometimes arduous process of Steam Greenlight, so give it a merciful vote if you like things that are funny, or are tired of saving humanity from aliens and just want to zone out and help humanity in a different way for once. You can also grab the early alpha of the game for free and train your space janitorial skills for the final release, whenever that happens sometime down the road.last_img